w3 Publisher is IBM’s strategic tool for creating polished w3 pages. Built on the IBM Public Cloud, it provides product teams with an easy-to-use editor experience, custom templates, and simple publishing capabilities. I like to call it our internal Squarespace.

As a designer on Publisher, I work closely with the project manager, developers, and other designers to enhance this product while aligning it within the overall w3 ecosystem. During each sprint, I delivered detailed mockups and prototypes for new features, interaction improvement, and UI explorations.

I’ve worked on a variety of features for Publisher like Interest Tagging, Forms and Site Archiving. A preview of my work on the Interest Tagging feature is shown below; however, details can’t be showcased due to confidentiality. Please contact janrichar4@gmail.com to chat about my role.

w3 Publisher

Role: Product Designer
Year: 2021 - Present

UX Design, UI Design, Visual Design, User Research 

👋🏾  Hi, I'm Janiel (she/her), a multidisciplinary designer and Creative Strategist living in Brooklyn, NY  🗽  Open to new opportunities (full-time & freelance)  👀  Hit me at janrichar@icloud.com if you'd like to work together  😌️  Until then