FADER CEO Rob Stone recruited me to join the FADER editorial team as the Social Media Director.

I was responsible for daily posting and social programming, curating photos, videos, and other social-first content that would resonate with The FADER’s audience on social platforms—ultimately growing their Instagram followers by 334.5% (an over 110k increase).

The FADER Socials

Role: Social Media Director 
Year: 2021 - 2022
Company: The FADER

Creative Strategist, Talent Relations, Designer, Copywriter, Social Media, Brand Collaborations, Content Creator

Before I joined the team, the FADER had trouble gaining high engagement on posts about new music from lesser-known artists. This is a problem from a metrics perspective because FADER is known as the primer music magazine to highlight contemporary artists. If we can’t get users to engage with our content and listen to the new artists, industry partners and new artists may lose faith in the FADER.

I devised a new strategy to promote new artists and their music -- use the most relevant trending meme of that week to encourage them to swipe and engage with the content. This organic approach saw likes going from tens and hundreds to the thousands, as you see above.

In addition to tracking trends and creating attention-grabbing memes from pop culture moments, I worked in collabortion with the lead designer to pilot a new layout to drive engagement on social. The “quote/question” graphic (shown on the left) is a way to encourage users to comment and create a discourse amongst themselves in the comments. We also designed new layouts to promote editorial content since FADER, at its core, is a music magazine.

We also piloted new layouts to promote editorial content since FADER, at its core, is a music magazine. The graphic on the left is an example of how we would share an article on social. In comparison, the graphic on the right is an example of how we'd share the premiere of a new music video or album, hence "What's New." Both graphics are shown in both story and feed formats. 
👋🏾  Hi, I'm Janiel (she/her), a multidisciplinary designer and Creative Strategist living in Brooklyn, NY  🗽  Open to new opportunities (full-time & freelance)  👀  Hit me at janrichar@icloud.com if you'd like to work together  😌️  Until then